EQ: List 2 ways that using SmartArt can enhance a Word 2007 docuement.

A: It gives charts a whole new look and makes it easier to read them.


EQ: What does a resume show a potential employer?

A: Their strength, weaknesses, what can do, and can’t do.

EQ: List two reasons you should keep an updated resume.

A: To see if a business will hire you and to have a job in the future.

EQ: List two reasons you may want to add an image to a table cell.

A: To advertise your product and to show what you are talking about.

EQ: What is the purpose of the format painter in Word 2007?

A: To copy one format and apply it to the other.

EQ: What is the difference between cell padding and cell spacing for a table?

A: Cell Spacing is putting more room in a cell and Cell Padding is spacing between the content and the walls.

EQ: Describe things set by changing the style in word 2007.

A: You can change the name, style type, and the formatting.