EQ: What is the purpose of publishinig a Flash file?

A: To post a show of your work.


EQ: Describe how a flipbook creates the illusion of motion.

A: It moves in frames but when it is shown really fast to the human eye. It is shown as a art motion.

EQ: What is the purpose of reviewing a docuement?

A: To make sure it’s grammered correctly and that it makes sense to read. In other words: Proofread

EQ: List 2 reasons you may want to use a table to incorperate content into a word docuement.

A: To make it easier to read and to get it done a whole lot faster.

EQ: Btiefly describe 2 advantages to using the same header for every page of a website.

A: It saves room and keeps you fromĀ using time that can be spent oon other things.

What is the cost of an obbession?

You lose your life and everything you own.

EQ: List two ways in which a hierarchical flowchart can be useful to describe the structure of a business.

A: It shows steps and processes that should go in a business and its a good reminder.